good morning /afternoon,dear professors!it is my privilege to be here for this interview.i am(名字),(年纪) years old and i am from(家乡).

①i am a senior student in(本科院校称号),majoring (专业称号)—–未结业

②i have finished my undergraduate education in (本科学校称号)—–已结业?


recalling my (past four-year) college life,i have won the first prize scholarships for a couple of times and participated in various competitions actively such as(所参加的竞赛的称号). i also joined the communist part.(可替换为其他荣誉)

①when i was an intern in the teacher's office,i tried to do all the work assigned to me,and got the unanimous praise from the teachers. so i believe that in the future,if my graduate study supervisors assign me some learning and scientific research tasks,i can also take them seriously and work hard to complete them. in my spare time. i always read some classic novels which can help me improve my ability to understand and communicate with others.(可替换为其他快乐喜爱喜爱)—-未结业

②as time goes by,the more i experienced,the clearer i realized that i'm really interested in business administration.(可替换为其他专业)i find that the management of many companies can not keep up with their development speed. i'm eager to learn more about the necessary knowledge of business administration and i hope to continue further study in this university. (可替换为其他专业)so,last year,i quitted my job to prepare for the exam .after about half year's hard work,i'm finally standing before you honorable professors now.—-已结业



i would be very honored if you could grant me the opportunity to study in this university. that's all about me.thank you!



q:what's your favorite hobby?


a1:i like playing basketball. it's a very exciting game because it keeps me alert and i also enjoy the team spirit of basketball

a2:fishing is my favorite, because it is both fun and instructive, which has helped me improve my power of controlling myself.

a3:i love travelling,which is a way to broaden my horizons,through which i can learn about different cultures of the world.



q:what do you think about your strengths?



i think i am a quicker learner. in order to make myself more competitive,i learned(某些自学的常识) in a short time through self-study. this is because i have mastered a set of self-study methods and learned how to absorb something that you haven't touched before.



q:what do you think about your weakness?



sometimes i have a hard time to saying no to people. but i am also happy that i can help others. therefore,don't think it's a complete defect that i don't know how to refuse others. as long as it is within my ability,i still hope to reach out as much as possible.



q:could you say something about your experience of scientific research?


a:under the guidance of my teachers,i did research on (研讨课题)with my classmates when i was a sophomore. in the process of researching,everyone spared no efforts to complete the task,and my responsibility was to(自个担任的内容).in order to finish the research,we read and checked many books and articles such as.(查阅的文献) we also applied the method of(具体的办法) to solve the problems we encountered. through this research,we have solved some problems,but also found some problems. i find that knowledge is limitless,which firms my determination to further my study.




a:i'm sorry i have no experience in scientific research. but i have participated in some forum activities,course training,and made some professional reports i have benefited a lot from these activities,and also thought about what i will do in the future.





q:why do you prepare for the graduate school entrance exam?

a:firstly,when i was a junior,i asked my teacher about(对与自个专业有疑问的点),he/ she gave me a brief explanation and told me that if i wanted to get real advancement in my major,further education would be a best choice. secondly,i am not a person who is easily satisfied with the present accomplishment and it is still urgent for me to purse further study just out of my inner obsession with the major. to sum up,i am determined to take the postgraduate entrance examination.




q:why do you choose to study at our school?

a:firstly, (peking university )has been my dream school. during the college entrance examination, i failed to be enrolled in this university and now i want to fulfill my dream. secondly, i am deeply attracted by the academic atmosphere, as well as the youthful spirit of students in this university. more importantly, (peking university )has a good reputation in the field where my research interest lies and so many excellent teachers who have strong research abilities. those are the reasons why i choose to further my study here.




q:can you talk about your plans in the postgraduate study?

a: i’ve already made a plan for my postgraduate study. in the first year, i will focus all my energy on studying professional knowledge and mastering research methods in the field. secondly, i will read all the books recommended by my supervisors and read as many books as possible. the next year, i will determine my own research direction. at the same time, i will actively participate in the experiment and scientific research of my supervisors and do a good job in supporting http://work.in the third year, i will try my best to write valuable papers with high level. later, if possible, i will apply for a doctorate.all in all, i am looking forward to making a solid foundation for my profession and my life in this excellent university.





q:if you failed this time,what will you d
o in the near future?


a:it is clear that success and failure coexist in the life. if i could not pass the test this time,it means that i am not adequate to some extent,not only in the way of professional knowledge,but also in the practical aspect. i will face up to the issues, read more professional books and practice myself under the guidance of acquired professions. through these ways,i will spare no efforts to correct my imperfections. regardless of what the result is,i will never give up on the pursuit of my dream




q:why did you failed in this course?


a:i’m so sorry, professors. i did have failed one class before. i just joined the students’union at that time. there were so many affairs in the students’union that i can not pay more attention to study. i have had a deep reflection since then. first, i understood that there is no shortcut to learning. second, i could not be conceited. i will correct my attitude,draw a clear distinction between the primary and the secondary, and strive for excellent results in every course.




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