tell me something about yourself或许 how would you describe yourself?


“what are your goals for the future?” 或许

“where do you see yourself in five years?”


how would your boss/teacher describe you?


what do you enjoy most about what you do now?


how has your college experience prepared you for a business career?




tell me about yourself/ how would you describe yourself?

you walk into the interview room, shake hands with your interviewer and sit down with your best interviewing smile on.


guess what their first question is?


“tell me something about yourself.”“” your interviewer is not looking for a 10-minute dissertation here.



instead, offer a razor sharp sentence or two that sets the stage for further discussion and sets you apart from your competitors.


do they want to know about your career so far, about your hobbies or family life?(作业,习气仍是家庭日子) if in doubt, (假定有疑问)ask them to clarify what they wish you to talk about.(问理解) then give a short factual answer,(再各一个实际性的答复。) ending with “is there anything else you’d like to know about me?” (结束的时分可以在问一句,你还有啥想要晓得的吗?)

your unique selling proposition (usp)说出你的卖点

give them “your synopsis about you” answer, specifically your unique selling proposition. known as a personal branding or a value-added statement, the usp is a succinct, one-sentence deion of who you are, your biggest strength and the major benefit that a company will derive from this strength. here is an example of a unique selling proposition: “i’m a seasoned retail manager strong in developing training programs and loss prevention techniques that have resulted in revenue savings of over $2.3million for (employer’s name) during the past 11 years.”



i am a training teacher with more 15 years teaching experience, having 2.7 million followers on the social media and i have helped almost 1 million students fulfill their dream to become the post graduate student in the past ten years.


what a difference you’ve made with this statement. your interviewer is now sitting forward in her chair giving you her full attention.(你的面试官就会初步留心你了!) at this point, you might add the following sentence: “i’d like to discuss how i might be able to do something like that for you.”(你这句话就会致使他的留心) the ball is now back in her court and you have the beginnings of a real discussion and not an interrogation process. (这样球就踢给他了,这样才是真实的谈论而不是拷问.)


“my background to date has been centered around preparing myself to become the very best financial consultant i can become. let me tell you specifically how i’ve prepared myself. i am an undergraduate student in finance and accounting at _________ university. my past experience has been in retail and higher education. both aspects have prepared me well for this career.”


“what are your goals for the future?” 或许

“where do you see yourself in five years?”

this can be a difficult job interview question to answer, especially if you’ve not thought beyond getting this job! when you answer, you want to sound ambitious enough to be motivated to do a good job, but not too ambitious in case your interviewers think you’re only using this job as a stepping stone to something better.


i can be successful in this job and taken on additional responsibilities and be considered suitable for promotion.

don’t discuss your goals for returning to school or having a family, they are not relevant and could knock you out of contention for the job. rather, you want to connect your answer to the job you are applying for. (答复必定要和作业有联络。)

参阅答案 :

my long-term goals involve growing with a company where i can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities, and contribute as much of value as i can. (和公司一同生长)

i see myself as a top performing employee in a well-established organization, like this one. i plan on enhancing my skills and continuing my involvement in (related) professional associations. (夸公司,然后表决计)

once i gain additional experience, i would like to move on from a technical position to management. (从技能到打点,不痛不痒,说的不错。)

你还可以反问:in our corporation, what is a typical career path for someone with my skills and experiences?


how would your boss/teacher describe you?

if you get the job, your interviewer may be your future boss so you need to answer this question carefully. (面试者有可以就是你今后的老板,必定要留心答复。)describe yourself as any boss would want to see you. you might say:

“my boss would describe me as hard working, loyal, friendly and committed. he would say that i work well on my own initiative and deliver what he wants on time and to a high standard”.

again, don’t use the term “i think my boss would say..” as it gives an element of doubt. be positive and certain with the interview answer you give.



what do you enjoy most about what you do now?


“i really enjoy the technical nature of the job and the speed at which i’m able to fix faults. i get a lot of satisfaction from getting people back to work as soon as possible”.


if working as part of a team is mentioned as a requirement of the job, you might answer:

“i really enjoy being part of a team. i like it when the team pulls together to achieve something and everyone can take some credit”.


how has your college experience prepared you for a business career?



i have prepared myself to transition into the work force through real-world experience involving travel abroad, internship, and entrepreneurial opportunities.(旅行,实习,创业) while interning with a private organization in my hometown, i developed a 15-page marketing plan composed in english that recommended more effective ways the company could prom
ote its services. i also traveled abroad on two other occasions in which i researched the business culture of craftsmanship in tokyo, japan, and participated in a total language immersion program in england. as you can see from my academic, extracurricular, and experiential background, i have unconditionally committed myself to success as a marketing professional. (这样的阅历就很牛了。)回来搜狐,查看更多



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