1. [c] for
2. [a] faith
3. [d] price
4. [b] then
5. [d] when
6. [b] produces
7. [c] connect
8. [d] to
9. [b] mood
10.[a] counterparts
11.[b] lucky
12.[b] protect
13.[a] between
14.[c] introduced
15.[d] inside
16.[a] discovered
17.[c] fooled
18.[b] willing
19.[a] in contrast
20.[c] unreliable
(text 1)
21. [d]middle-class workers.
22. [c]issues arising from automation need to be tackled
23. [a] creative potential.
24. [d]preventing the income gap from widening.
25. [b]possible solutions to it.
(text 2)
26. [d] social media was a reliable source of news.
27. [a] sharpen
28. [b] verify news by referring to diverse resources.
29. [c] readers’ misinterpretation
30. [a] a rise in critical skills for sharing news online
(text 3)
31.[b] it failed to pay due attention to patient’s rights.
32. [c] necessary adjustments.
33.[d] the value of data comes from the processing of it.
34.[d] the monopoly of big data by tech giants.
35.[b] cautious.
(text 4)
36.[b] its rigid management.
37. [a] the interference from interest groups.
38.[a] removing its burden of retiree health care.
39.[c] discontent.
40.[d] the postal service needs more than a band-aid
41. e → c → 42.g → 43. a → f → 44. b → 45. d
dear sir or madam,
we are very pleased to invite you to attend our annual graduation ceremony which is scheduled to be held at the great stadium on our campus, 2 o’clock in the afternoon on june 30th. the theme of this ceremony is: looking ahead.
at the ceremony , our president and the representative of the graduates will air their perspectives about the future in society. since you are highly respected among the students , we sincerely look forward to your attendance to witness that moment which will give us great inspirations.
please inform us your decision as soon as possible. hoping for your presence on that day.
yours sincerely,
li ming
online courses selection
what the drawing vividly depicts is that a college student
is weighing the importance of two different kinds of courses to choose. one is easy to pass with high scores and less homework while the other is difficult to master with advanced knowledge and high creativity. the picture illustrates a common phenomenon thatmany college students nowadays prefer to choose easy courses without future considerations. however, as far as i am concerned, modern students should choose the challenging courses for individual development in the long term.
there is no denying that we students like easy examinations, but challenges make us a fulfilling college life. to begin with, we should choose the tough and creative courses. advanced academic knowledge which broaden our perspectives will definitely strengthen our competitive power in the fast-developing society.furthermore, since we are on the frontier of the times, we have the responsibility to arm us with creative knowledge to make more contribution to our better-off country.
so based on what is said above, instead of choosing the easy courses, students should select courses due to the practical needs. only in this way can we lead a meaningful and constructive life .


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