it’s understandable that, faced with the increasingly stern situation of
employment, a great majority (绝大大都) of undergraduates choose the way of trying
for master programs to deepen their professional knowledge, so as to avoid a
period of sluggish (低迷的) job market and better find the development
  furthermore, a satisfactory salary and benefits package (福利待遇) will
guarantee the standard of their life, while a pleasant atmosphere in workplace
is a necessary element to prevent distractions and focus on work itself.
  today’s employers are putting increasing emphasis on candidate’s
problem-solving skills and the correct mindset (思维方法) to get a job which are
unfortunately found missing from most young graduates.
  to assure smooth integration into professional life, and hence into
society, students need to equip themselves with (配备)a battery of professional
practical skills and develop a career plan aligned with (使共同) their abilities
and interests instead of continuing to moan about (诉苦)the lack of employment
  as time passed, the rapid expansion of programs and the quality of mba
students have become controversial topics(有争议的论题), both in and out of
  maybe today’s employers place a higher value upon (更注重) a job-hunter’s
practical work experience, professional background and personal capability.
  at the same time, as china accelerates the process of (加速进程)
internationalization and more jobs are available to returnees, overseas students
prefer to go back to china.
  perhaps more importantly, the support from national policies acts as a
further stimulus. chinese government has adopted the policy of supporting the
overseas studies, and encouraging overseas students to come back after they
complete their studies.
  firstly, as china continues deepening reform and opening up policy(变革翻开方针),
the government has adopted various strategies, such as the project of thousands
talents to stimulate the return of overseas high-skilled nationals.
  secondly, with the faster progress of internationalization, chinese
enterprises are recognizing the need for more employees with international
qualifications and networks.
  the fact that reading takes the lead (高居第一) in cultural consumption types
reveals that college students still regard acquiring knowledge, whether
professional or amateur, as their priority.
  with the development of modern technology, students can easily find out
information of movies or tv series they are interested in just through surfing
the internet and book a ticket online or buy a vip membership of video
  to address the issue (要处置这个疑问), we need joint efforts from universities,
the teachers and the students themselves. we are in need of more profound
educational reform from universities, enhancements of sense of responsibility
for teachers and self-discipline(自律) on the part of the students.
  write an essay based on the following chart. in your writing, you
  1) interpret the chart, and
  2) give your comments
  you should write about 150 words on the answer sheet. (15 points)

  the pie chart distinctly exhibits the graduation choices of those to-be
graduate. based upon the data provided above, it can be noticed that 45% college
students choose to continue with postgraduate education, which ranks the first
among all the categories. those who intend to obtain employment occupy 26%. and
the proportions of starting up business, taking part in civil servant exam and
studying abroad take up 15%, 8% and 6% respectively.
  the contributing factors accounting for this scenario are in the following.
to begin with, along with the admission expansion of colleges, quantities of
graduates have to face the fierce competition in the job market. it’s
understandable that, faced with the increasingly stern situation of employment
(愈加严肃的作业局势) , a great majority of undergraduates choose the way of trying for
master programs to deepen their professional knowledge, so as to avoid a period
of sluggish job market and better find the development opportunities.
furthermore, we must admit, college students have gradually transformed their
outlook on job pursuit. the “iron rice bowl”, namely possessing a stable and
lifelong job, such as civil servant, is no longer preferred as before. they now
focus more on personal interest. finally, under the guidance of government and
favorable privileges endowed to college students, the proportion of
entrepreneurial survival is rising. hence, growing students take the road of
being self-employed.
  given the analysis talked above, we can see traditional occupation view has
been broken. therefore, it is no surprise to see the current scenario, and i

believe this condition will continue in the years to come.
  thank you for your time and consideration.



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